School Eligibility

4-H Eligibility & School Absences

4-H is recognized by the Texas Education Agency and each local school district as an extracurricular activity. All 4-H members participating in any 4-H competitive event must be passing all classes in order to compete, regardless of whether or not the competitive event is during school time. Prior to each competitive event, each school will be notified and the school will declare 4-H members who are not academically eligible as of the most recent grading reporting period according to the TEA/UIL Handbook. If 4-H members are not passing, they will be notified by the Extension Agent. Contact the Extension Office with any questions.

4-H members participating in an activity which is approved by the local school board, under the direction of the Extension Agent(s) will be considered excused. Students are responsible and MUST stay within the limits of the number of days allowed by their school. Schools will be notified (by letter) from the Extension Office as to what members will be participating, dates and times that they are to miss classes.


It is the responsibility of the 4-H member or parent to contact the Extension Office for eligibility prior to the event to give ample time for the 4-H Agent to send and receive notification of eligibility from the school.

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