How to Join 4-H?

Any youth may become a member of 4-H when he or she has reached 9 years of age, or 8 years of age and has entered the third grade. There is a program called Clover Kids that younger youth can participate in that allows them to experience 4-H through non-competitive, small project activities.

The first step in joining a 4-H Club is to review the Clubs list and see if there is a Club that stands out to you. There are no restrictions to which club you can join.

Once you have decided on a club, you will need to contact the Club Manager. Clubs usually meet monthly from September to May

How to Enroll

2023-2024 4-H Family Packet

4-H Get Connected


The last step in joining a 4-H Club is to enroll online on 4-H online. This is a very important step. The program allows 4-H families to register online for 4-H clubs, projects, groups, and events. The county extension agents can use this information to easier facilitate registrations and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Click on the link below to enroll:

4-H Online

You will fill out the family profile and the member profile and pay the participation (enrollment) fee. The enrollment fee is $25 per member per year if you enroll by October 31. After that, the fee increases to $30. Adults pay a $10 volunteer application fee. There is no participation fee for Clover Kids. These funds go directly to the Texas 4-H Program.

If you notice that your enrollment status is “Pending” for more than two to three weeks, please contact the 4-H Office.

Previous member?

You will use 4-H Connect every year to re-enroll. It is important that the county extension office maintain accurate records for each member. Beginning September 1, you must log in to 4-H Connect to update your information. You must complete re-enrollment in order to register for any upcoming events.

Did you know??

  • Most questions can be answered by calling your county extension office. (
  • You are not a member or a volunteer of Texas 4-H until you have an ACTIVE status listed on your profile in 4-H
  • 4-H members CANNOT register for an event/contest until the member profile is ACTIVE.
  • Adult Volunteers are required to be screened through the Texas 4-H Youth Protection Standards program every three years.
  • The Texas 4-H Foundation does not accept any personal checks for participation fees, animal validations or events.
  • A youth that is 8 years old and going into the 3rd grade must wait until September 1st to enroll for proper fees to be accessed in the system.

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