4-H Clover

4-H Clover

The emblem is a green four-leaf clover with a white H in each leaf. The letters in the emblem stand for HEAD, HEART, HANDS and HEALTH, the foundation of all 4-H programs.

HEAD – Learning to think, making decisions, understanding the “whys”, and gaining new and valuable knowledge.

HEART – Being concerned with the welfare of others, accepting citizenship responsibilities, determining values and attitudes by which to live, learning how to work with others.

HANDS – Learning new skills, perfecting skills already known, developing pride in work and respect for it.

HEALTH – Practicing healthful living, protecting the well-being of self and others, making conservative use of leisure time.

The four-fold development is vital to every individual. All four of the “H’s” should become an important part of the goals 4-H members identify as they conduct 4-H projects and activities.

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