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All 4-H clubs MUST follow the 4-H Club Financial Management Rules & Guidelines for all financial transactions. Below is a list of resources to help your club comply:

  • management_financial_management_guide_21_22
  • A financial review will be a mandatory part of the Texas 4-H Club Chartering Process and will be required as an upload on 4-H Connect.
  • All clubs/organizations and counties must have a set of Bylaws that include provisions for receiving and disbursing funds and the dissolution of club/organization assets if the club/organization disbands. All assets, fiscal and property, go to the county 4-H Program. An example of an approved dissolution clause is stated here:
    • “Upon the disbandment of the club, all real property, including money, equipment, and land, shall become the property of the County 4-H Program for care and disposition. The last official duty of the club’s manager shall be to effect the transfer of club property and to turn over club records to the county Extension agent.”

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